The radiomics quality score

This tool gives an estimate of the radiomics quality score between 0 and 100%.

Advantageous for ranking of features on the basis of their spatial reproducibility/stability. E.g., segmentation by different Drs, moving the segments or using different segments software or segmentation at different breathing cycle.
Advantageous for ranking of features on the basis of their temporal reproducibility/stability. Can also be more litt
Well described / Standard protocol – standardized imaging protocols (e.g. contrast, slice thickness, energy…)
continuous variable or cut-off on median or previously published cut-off
(C index, AUC..) and p value. The discrimination can be corrected for optimism (e;g. bootstrapping, cross validation…)
if needed
The validation is performed without retraining and without adaptation of the cut-off value, provides crucial information with regard to credible clinical performance.
Provide actionable metrics to support clinical decision making.
Inter-scanner differences should be considered and their effects should be minimized in radiomics studies or Vendor-dependent features eliminated
Demonstration of phenotypic differences associated with underlying gene-protein expression patterns deepens knowledge.
Provides the highest level of evidence supporting the clinical validity and usefulness of a biomarker.
Expected to provide a more holistic view, and should be investigated.
In order to assess the extent to which the model agrees/is superior to the gold standard. + added value of radiomics
Provenance (recording what was performed and how), knowledge transfer (detailed explanation to the clinical and research communities), and reproducibility (verifying or invalidating the research of others): the scans, the region of interest (ROI) and Radiomics features calculated on few representative ROI (this allow to compare different software)
Report on the current and potential application of the model in the clinical setting.
Considering the almost exponential rising costs of healthcare, it is increasingly important to consider cost-effectiveness.